Thursday, April 3, 2008

Randi Rhodes Suspended for Calling Hillary Clinton a "Big Fucking Whore"...Shirts and More Now Available!!!

Air America's Randi Rhodes was 'Suspended'
for calling Hillary Clinton a "Big Fucking Whore"
(but she wasn't on the air...she was at an public event!)

Here's the clip:

Of course this means she'll be fired within a week.

And, of course, you can now get "Big Fucking Whore"
on a Shirt, Hat, Mug, Sticker, Button, Thong,
Teddy Bear, Poster, Magnet, Apron and much more at :

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Fuck you, Air America Radio.
Fuck you in your Politically Correct, Free-Speech Killing Asses.

See. It happened to Imus, now it'll happen to her.

Good Luck Randi!